Early Indicators of Success

NVIDIA went through a decade where they were investing in this future of 3D graphics, and the market that fuels NVIDIA today just didn't exist.

When there's no evidence of a market, how do you get all the people around you – the engineers, shareholders, BOD, partners – all working towards this imagined future?

You need early indicators of future success, as Jensen Huang puts it.

One of the great skills of NVIDIA is the willingness to do something even though the financial returns are completely non-existent or maybe very, very far out, if you believed in it.

You need to ask yourself, is this worthy work to do? Does this advance the field of science somewhere that matters?

We find inspiration not from the size of the market, but from the importance of the work.

The importance of work is the early indicators of a future market.

Nobody has to do a business case or show a P&L or financial forecast.

The only question that matters is "Is this important work?"

If we didn't do it, will it happen without us?

Be lazy about what other companies can do, let them do it.

You have to convince yourself that if you didn't do this work, the world will fall apart.

But if you did, it could change everything.