Dropbox LLM meetup

Went to my first LLM meetup today.

It was hosted at the Dropbox office in SF.

There was free food and swags again.

The panelist were:

The CEO of Dropbox Drew Houston hosted the panel.

I felt so lucky to be at this event. To be in the same room of these builders, innovators, programmers, and designers, and leaders.

After the panel session ended there was project demos.

I discovered these projects:

  • Shop with ai: agent to chat with celebrities + scrape clothes listings + customize to your style with image upload
  • Protege.ai: LLM for labelling insurance claims from emails
  • embedchain: LLM bots over any dataset
  • realchar: open source AI character/companion with voice
  • A website that allows GPT model usage by charging users on the bitcoin lightning network

It made me want to start building again.

I want to have a project that I can be proud of, and to have the same passion in their eyes when they're sharing their project.