The Best PR title

The average professional engineer (more than 200 PRs a year) authors nearly 600 PRs a year (590) with a median time to review of 1.34 days.

Graphite sampled 2 million PRs, compared median time to first review, and found the scientifically perfect PR title.

fix!: delete prod!! fast!!!

In summary, here is what they recommended for writing a good PR title:

  • Short
  • Lowercase
  • Categorized as “fix” (if appropriate)
  • Include an exclamation point
  • Clean (no swearing)

They believe PRs should only contain one commit, following the philosophy of stacking PRs.

There are projects dedicated to standardizing PR/commits such as Conventional Commits.

Linus Torvalds specifies “74 characters" in his contributor’s guide for Subsurface.