Dim Sum and sneakers

I woke up today and decided to do two things.

Go Chinatown SF for some dim sum and the mall to get new shoes.

I've been craving pastries since Singapore. For some reason, Singapore has better pastries than Malaysia.

My favorite pastries are the Wife Cakes 老婆餅, the flaky pastries filled with winter melon and coconut, and Bean Paste Pastry 豆沙饼 (the savory one 咸).

I also took dim sum in Malaysia for granted. It used to be everywhere.

I did some research for an hour and found a couple dim sum places and bakeries.

Dim Sum

  • Good Mong Kok Bakery (long-line)
  • Wong Lee Bakery (same owner as above, same food, no line)
  • other options: house of Dim Sum / delicious Dim Sum


  • Eastern Bakery
  • Yummy Bakery (egg tart)
  • Garden Bakery
  • AA Bakery at Stockton & Jackson
  • Golden Gate Fortune Cookie Company

I first got to try Eastern Bakery.

I got the egg tart, wife cake, and Bean Paste Pastry.

The egg tart was really good, the custard creamy and rich, and exploded in flavor.

The latter two however, was greasy and soft and too sweet for me. They did not, at all, resemble the pastries I was fond of.

Then we queued for dim sum at Good Mong Kok Bakery.

The line wasn't bad, we waited around 25 minutes.

We got:

  • shredded coconut bun (extremely sweet)
  • baked BBQ pork bun (too much bread and filling was mid)
  • steamed Pork Bao (like above, too much bun)
  • malaysian sponge cake (just taste like sweet bread)
  • turnip cakes (Good texture and taste, but some sauce would be nice)
  • wife cake (haven't tried TBD)
  • shrimp dumpling (good generous, mouthful size)
  • siu mai (steamed pork dumplings) - strong pork flavor, I loved it.

The plan was to go Portsmouth Square, and find a place to eat.

But it was super loud and crowded, so we went to St Mary's Square instead.

After some dim sum we went to Union Square.

We went into Nike store, tried the AirMax 90, 97, and dunks. I copped the Mica Green Nike Dunk Lows at a good price because of a 15% app deal and 6% Apple Card cashback.

We also got distracted by the Apple Store and admired the 14-inch MacBook Pro.

Then we went to Westfield mall to visit some more shoes stores.

I ate some leftover dim sum, game some to a homeless guy, and took the 6:16 train back home.