Charlie Puth concert

Went to my second ever concert today at the Greek Theatre at UC Berkeley.

The start time was 7:30 p.m., Alexander Steward did the opening act for 20 minutes.

We paid $70 for a spot at the lawn, which was really steep, making it uncomfortable to sit.

After a long wait, Charlie showed up at 8:47 p.m. and kicked it off with "Charlie Be Quiet".

It was cool to hear his voice live, he also does bits where he explains the origins of his songs which is entertaining.

I liked the moments where he shows off his jazz background on the piano, especially in the song "BOY".

It was cold, dark, and uncomfortable, but it was a good experience at the end when we went to the floor towards the end.

He sang "One Call Away" for the last song, and bowed to the audience.

The fans called him back for one more song, and he finished with the iconic "See You Again".

The concert ended 10:07 p.m.