People change in four seasons: when they hurt enough they have to, when they see enough they are inspired to, when they learn enough that they want to, and when they receive enough that they are able to. - John C. Maxwell

I notice some people don't change, and some of them don't seek to change.

I've changed a lot these past few years. Sometimes I fail to recognize myself anymore.

I've hurt and suffered a lot from hardships.

I've seen and learned a lot coming to the US after being in Malaysia my entire life.

I still have a lot to see and to learn, and I'll be constantly changing.

I notice negativity and pessimism is hard to change, it feels built into my hardware.

There might patches to my software that helps override my default settings, but I seem to default back every time I lose sense of gratitude and my faith in God and in myself wavers.

Change is good.

Keep your rate of change positive at all times.