Boston Day 3: Isabella & MFA

Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum

Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum

It's raining today.

I was really excited to go to the Beacon Hill Books & Cafe.

But before that, I wanted to hit some historical spots


  • Old South meeting House
  • Boston's Old City Hall
  • Old State House
  • Massachusetts State house

The bookstore was so nice.

The christmas decor, the tasteful collection of books, the classy and thoughtful interior. It felt like I got invited to a wealthy person's house to explore in their library. It's cozy and inviting, and overall I felt good being in there. If I lived in Boston, I would come here everyday if I had the chance.

It was time for dim sum, we walked through Boston Common, and got to Winsor Dim Sum Cafe.

This spot was great. The food came fast. The dim sum was good. What more can you ask?

Tt was time for the two popular museums.

We took the subway and I saw Northeaster University through the window.

I wanted to go to Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum for the really aesthetic garden, but I ended up really liking the artworks. There were 3 floors and multiple rooms, each telling their own story about Isabella's life.

I got tired after going through all the rooms and me and A decided to sketch. I sat down and saw a couple sitting in front of me on their phones with the garden in the background. I have trouble drawing hands. Sketching is pretty fun.

We went to Museum of Fine Arts (MFA) next. The funny thing is when we found out tickets were 27, we were like nope. And wanted to get out of line, but ended up already getting in the Museum. So we decided to just look around, and the deeper we went the more guilt A felt. As my guilty conscience began to grow as well, after seeing the Monet paintings, I only wanted to see Hokusai and leave. But it was such a huge museum, that navigating to the Asian art section took 20 minutes. And when I did find it, it was "Coming soon". We left to the gift store and I bought some items with the Great Wave on them.

Leaving MFA, it was already night.

We walked to Berklee College of Music, but entry was only for students.

We went to Prudential center next. We explored around Eataly, I bought some italian chocolates.

There was nothing else to see there, so we went for the public library, but it was closed.

We rested at the Capital One Cafe, and decided to go Chinatown for claypot. But on the way there, an all-you-can-eat sushi place caught A's attention. We decided to eat here instead. I love Eel sushi. The tofu was also super silky and smooth. Edamame is crunchy. We had a good time. I notice again how we're quiet and other tables are really loud, especially the groups with all guys. A observed that waiters/waitresses in Boston are not very friendly.

We walked home from the Japanese restaurant.

We finished Identity, watched an explainer video on YouTube, then an episode of Naruto to end our day on a lighter tone.

My eyes were burning.

We slept at 1:24 a.m.