Books are Freedom!

I took a picture of this quote, framed, at Forest Books in Japantown, SF in the summer.

It talks about information, exploitative nature of the internet, and why books are freedom.

Books v. Internet trolling

Consider the Internet. Information is not necessarily knowledge. Knowledge is not necessarily comprehension. Comprehension may not yet understand. Understanding, is not yet mastery and mastery is not yet wisdom. Information does not reveal relevant context, just as context may exclude relevant detail.

Consider books. Books cannot be turned off or edited after publication. Books require and provide a context of peace. Books are not the color manipulated programmed propaganda that agitates your retina, mental state, and sleep. Books enfold and inspire you. Once bought, they are your own. Books are not bugged to reveal your every interest to anonymous researchers who aim to hypnotically exploit your preferences for profit and your secrets for sinister political purposes.

Books are their author's lives and art.

Books are the cultural legacy of the world.

Buy books.

They're a deep resource, a good investment and a great gift.

– Jakushu Gregory Wood