100 Blocks a Day

It’s always good to step back and think about how we’re using those 100 blocks we get each day. How many of them are put towards making your future better, and how many of them are just there to be enjoyed? How many of them are spent with other people, and how many are for time by yourself? How many are used to create something, and how many are used to consume something? How many of the blocks are focused on your body, how many on your mind, and how many on neither one in particular? Which are your favorite blocks of the day, and which are your least favorite?

We sleep 7-8 hours every day.

That leaves 16-17 hours of waking time.

That's about 1000 minutes.

Tim Urban's idea of thinking 1000 minutes as 100 10-minute blocks is a great way to visualization how you spent your day.

My favorite blocks of the day is when I think deeply and try to write these blogs, code something fun, talking to friends, listening to podcasts, and reading good blogs on the internet.

My least favorite are the ones when I'm stuck in thought loops, when I could acting instead. I waste a lot of time just thinking.