Claude 2 Hackathon

Walk towards the ferry building, go up the central stairs, through the glass doors, turn left, walk straight all the way, you'll find Shack15.

I was hacking for 24 hours straight with no sleep.

I also switched teams halfway, which is something I've never thought I was capable of.

I attribute that to Atal Agarwal, a very convincing and unique individual, with a positive aura.

At first, I was having fun prompting Claude 2 and GPT-4 to perform document QnA, and then using web sockets to make a s perplexity search, and obtain internet sources.

Then my only coding partner decided to leave, and I started to panic. I realized I was left alone to build out the entire prototype.

Throughout the 4 grueling hours, I had many disagreement and conflict with myself and others about what was possible and what wasn't. I let doubt and fear get to me at many points. I was afraid that time was not in our favor, and I will be left with an incomplete app, like my last hackathon.

But luckily, I persevered. Atal provided support with his brother, calling all the way from India, and we worked through the app together.

One thing led to another, I just kept coding and didn't sleep the whole night.

I thought hard about what the UI should look like. It had to be readable and clean. I also worked on doing session states so that the app doesn't just refresh and remove all past data.

At break of day, I accomplished what we sought after.

But then, Atal came back with another idea of generating the entire petition letter. Scratching about 30 minutes of work.

But we found our selling point.

We were able to show Claude 2 generated a longer letter than GPT-4.

At that point, I could relax a little. Knowing I have done my part. I could rest for 30 minutes.

I woke up confused.