Visualizing 1700 internet bookmarks

my curius links

my curius links

I've been using curius since March 2023, my first link saved was Nat Friedman's personal website.

It's been a year now, and I've saved a total of 1723 articles as of today.

I came across this tweet by aarya where he embedded his twitter bookmarks and visualized it on the Embedding Projector.

This inspired me to embed my curius links. Since I can the data easily with the API, and he provided the code to compute the embeddings. I thought it would be a fun half-day hack.

Using ChatGPT and Cursor, building this out was a lot of fun. It's one of those projects where I personally would use it and can see others using it as well. So I was building out of necessity.

I've been procrastinating on a lot of ideas and writings because they never felt necessary. So I love it when I have moments where inspiration strikes, and that spark aligns well with my needs.

Once I was done I pushed the code, deployed the streamlit app so others can get their embeddings as well.

At exactly 5:55 pm, I made a tweet on it.

It's cool to see these links visualized on the vector space. The separation isn't perfect, some points (links) don't belong close to each other, but I can see my diving into rabbit holes sessions on the internet forming dozens of clusters, representing the intense curiosity I have of the world, of people, and of myself.

It's like thousands of hours of reading about friendships, climate startups, tutorials and blogs about AI, photography videos, artworks I saved for later, all in one 3-dimensional graph. A snapshot of my digital travels the past year.

I had an idea of comparing my embeddings of all my articles with other curius readers, and that can be a fun extension to this project.

But for now, it works.

The past few weeks I've been on a slump, maybe it's the surgery, or because I'm trying to fit too many things into one day. I felt like I wasn't doing anything most days. So focusing on just this idea today made it productive and fulfilling.

This was also the day I got to 1,000 followers on Twitter. Most of my following came from my medium days when I was posting my articles. The only post I'm proud of from 2023 was this tweet I made sharing the ClassGPT app. That got me a few more followers. Lately, since I published roadmap to learn AI a lot of people have been following me, and I was consistently watching my follower count, hoping for it to reach 1k soon. Now that I reached it I realized how pointless and toxic it was to do that. Most of my followers are probably bots, and I'm not putting enough effort into creating my own original content. So I probably only have <200 actual followers.

My goal now is to just work on what I love and share it. And focus more on doing the work; work that feels like play. My taste-skill gap is enormous right now. It's time to put in the work to get the skills by doing.

Twitter is a high-value and high-signal platform where you can create your own luck. And I have to start increasing my surface area of luck if I want to be in the US.