cloudfare hack

  • a great start to my day, wish all days could start this way
  • climbing down the fire escape is so scary
  • got to see M again in person after almost a year
  • need to learn how to order and buy groceries in canto
  • so hard to find rice
  • finally found rice at Ming Lee trading
  • I need a trader joe grocery bag
  • how am i getting heartburn from walking fast
  • had no choice but to eat a slice of pizza, i'm worried about the effects now
  • prompt engineering challenge was pretty fun
  • spell it to me, pronounce it
  • the more people you know at networking events, the less you network, the less useful they are
  • also feeling like they're not as useful if you haven't built anything yet
  • exhausting day, probably the most tiring was doing combinatorics
  • how to balance school and building and writing
  • facing decision paralysis every single day