AI art and chat

Intercome Homepage AI Art

Intercome Homepage AI Art

I tried to recreate painterly illustrations, which I came across on Twitter, saying it might be a new website visual design trend

You can see them in the following websites:

I tried GPT4-o and Visual Electric but it wasn't able to match the same style. I tried providing the image to ChatGPT and have it return a prompt, and have it generate images of the same style, but based on the features of my app, it's still not great. I realize how hard is it to generate a style that I want. Or more specifically, it's hard to describe what I want.

I also played with GPT4-o voice mode with my family. My mom found it scary how realistic it is and asked me how it works. And I found I'm not able to explain it well enough. I know these GPT models were fed the entire internet and learned patterns in our language, and is predicting next word tokens. And with special hardware by NVIDIA it's able to do it better and faster, and in the case of chatbots it is rewarded for better responses. But how does the voice model work? How did they train it to sound like humans? How do they introduce the pauses? How is it able to know what malaysian accents sound like? We will be reaching a point where we're more surprised by what it cannot do, than what it can do.