4 tours + ai consciousness

so sleep deprived and nauseous. getting sick of chinese food. got better as I walked more outside. walking in SF is so tiring with all the hills, making touring a hassle, i immediately know whether i like the place or not based on the vibes. the first house we went to on monday was the best, it set the expectations and baseline high, everything else since then is just not good enough. although we still don't have confirmation on that. been so anxious about whether we will have a place to sleep on Sunday, but things never go as planned, and there are always solutions. glad that W is in this together with me and i'm not alone.

how to chat in an event without feeling like i'm a nobody? i have to provide value to people in conversations, and vice versa, but i feel like i have nothing to offer. i wonder if other people feel the same. maybe it's also true, i haven't accomplished anything worthy of bringing up in a conversation with these people. what's a better mindset to approach this? instead of "am i worthy enough to talk to this person" -> "just say hi, be kind and curious, see if we have anything in common, if not, say thanks, and move on to the next person"

reminder to make chickpea salad (onions, garbanzo beans, lemon, parsley) + a sauce because it was dry and hard to swallow

also to make rooster and rice dipping sauce. found a similar recipe for the sauce

  • École Notre Dame Des Victoires
  • intercontinental mark Hopkins is cool, with the US flag on top
  • I wanna throw a basketball down Mason street
  • Hotel Huntington sign is sans?
  • Rue Lepic French
  • The Fairmont has so many flags
  • James C flood mansion looks like chocolate
  • Uniquescaffoldca.com
  • California-Taylor intersection you can see oakland bridge
  • The Herbert Family - centennial 1915-2015 towards Huntington park
  • People sunbathing here
  • Whats that on the wall of SF masonic auditorium facing the cathedral
  • Peter Mcbean chapter house lobby
  • Nice little circle in here with a fountain
  • Is zuckerberg in ZSFG mark Zuckerberg?
  • All fire escapes should have flowers and plants
  • Houses here are nice in Sacramento st
  • Leroy PI (whats PI?)
  • AI engineer median pay is 256k
  • Le Beau market is nice
  • “dance safe” t shirt
  • L’Amourette Chocolates
  • Rainier cherries cerises
  • Honeynut squash
  • chickpea salad
  • First chinese southern baptist church
  • Chinatown community children center
  • Gordon J Lau elementary school
  • Chinese historical society of America
  • Bruce Lee mural here
  • Donaldina Cameron house
  • Chinese central high school
  • Usps Chinatown station
  • heard someone say "I can’t believe the waymo hasn’t hit anybody yet"
  • people are afraid to cross the road for waymo cars
  • Lingling job service
  • Presbyterian church in Chinatown has a Cantonese service!!!
  • AgeOn institute on aging
  • .75/lb bitter melon beside good mong kok
  • Bejing hamburger
  • listened to Josh Whiton talk at Edge about the AI mirror test
  • rooster and rice has good chicken rice, 18 for a ton of chicken breasts